Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Excel Vba: Dictionary (Catalog) Form

        It can be used as an application such as dictionary, index.
For example, we entered the names of the vitamins to column A and entered descriptions of vitamins to column B.
The data in column A of the page is filled to the combobox on the userform.

The value corresponding to the item selected from the combobox is fetched from the column B and displayed on label under the combobox.

The used codes to increase the width of the UserForm:
Private Sub CommandButton4_Click()
Dim X, d, yuk As Integer
If CommandButton4.Caption = "8" And Data_Form.Width = 410 Then
For d = 1 To 158
yuk = 410
Data_Form.Width = yuk - d
ComboBoxTopics.Enabled = True
ComboBoxTopics.ListIndex = 0
CommandButton4.Caption = "9"
Exit Sub
End If
If CommandButton4.Caption = "9" And Data_Form.Width = 252 Then
For X = 1 To 158
yuk = 252
Data_Form.Width = yuk + X
ComboBoxTopics.Enabled = False
CommandButton4.Caption = "8"
End If
End Sub

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